Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing Challenge: Root Words

Root word~ -ject (throw)

injection, object, project, projectile, reject

Why are doctors meanies? They injected me with a needle and it hurt. The hospital is just a ticket to needle world. The worse part is, I can't reject to take a needle to the arm because my mom and dad say, "Oh, yes we need this shot that will most likely KILL our daughter." Why are some doctors so happy when they come in the room with a needle? What are they? Serial killers? They don't understand how lucky they are because I could've thrown an object at their legs and then just run out of the door.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life?"

I would want to be a successful person. My grandma would always tell her grandchildren a quote her father told her, "A goal without a plan, is just a wish." The meaning of the quote to me, seems like it was saying that if you had a goal in life, you need a plan to get there. It might not take a few days, but there is time to do something you want to do, and the time to plan it out.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Disappearance - Horror Story


There was a sweet little girl named Rachel. She was 5 years old and she would always walk past this room. She tried to get in it one time when she was feeling curious, but she couldn’t open the door. It didn’t have a lock or anything, but for some reason her parents could get in. Rachel’s parents were in there all the time, there was some times where her parents would come out, but that was rare.
Rachel got her mother’s attention when she was making dinner. “Mommy, why do you in that room?” She asked pointing at the door. She had a face like she just saw someone get murdered. Finally, she answered Rachel’s question.
“’s my office. Just doin’ business stuff,” her mother quickly said and turned away and went back to cooking dinner.
It was getting late so Rachel headed up the stair to her bedroom. She heard a bang from downstairs but, she thought it was her mother that dropped something on the floor.
Rachel woke up from a nightmare about a figure killing her parents. So, she jumped up and went to her parents room but, when she got there no one was in the bed. She went down the stairs to see if they were down there. She saw a light coming from under the door in the hall. It was the door that lead to the room she has never seen or been in.
She walked toward the door and was about to knock until the door swung open with her dad standing there in front of her. “Uh.. Rachel wha-what are you doing up?” He said while closing the door behind him quickly.
“I had a nightmare, daddy. Can I sleep with you and mommy tonight? I’m scared,” Rachel says in a soft and quiet voice looking down to her feet and holding her hands.
“Sure, sweetie. Just gimme a couple minutes?” When her father opened the door to go back in the room, Rachel got a peek in and saw a family portrait of another little girl with Rachel’s parents. After a few minutes, her father comes out with her mother and they all head up to bed.
It was the next morning and when Rachel woke up, she was in her bedroom. She jumped up because she saw something move. Suddenly, something falls from her rock collection and it shatters on the floor. She screams and runs down the hall to the stairs. Half-way through the met up with her mother with a terrified face saying, “Honey, what's wrong? Are you okay?”
“Mommy, something’s in my room!” Rachel said with a cry.
“It’s okay sweetie, we’ll go check it out,” they head to her room while Rachel is holding onto her mother’s leg with a tear coming down her cheek.
“Nothing’s here, Rachel. The wind probably knocked the rock over,” Her mother said in a calm voice.
“But-” Rachel tried to say.
“Now, come on. Your father and I think it’s time to tell you something very important,” she grabbed Rachel’s hand and lead her to downstairs where her father was sitting at the dinner table.
Rachel sat down in between her father and mother. Her mother said in a kind and soft voice, “Now sweetie, we have to tell you something.”
“Yes, and it is about someone who isn’t here anymore,” said her father. Rachel shrugged in confusion.
“Rachel, you had a sister and,” her mother started to tear up, “she isn’t alive anymore.”
“Mommy,” she said quietly said with her head down, “is there anything else you want to tell me?”
“Sweetie..are you okay? You’re acting...differ-”
“I’m. Fine. Daddy.” Rachel interrupted disgusted and angry. Rachel marched up to her bedroom. She threw her pillow to the wall in anger and stuffed her face into her bed and started to cry.
So, how does it feel, child? To be lied to, your own family hid me from you,” said a soft whisper to Rachel. Rachel wiped her eyes because of the tears. She looked around the room and nothing was there.
Do you have the rage in your soul, to do something...unforgettable?” said the whisper. Rachel bowed down her head and said very softly, “Yes, I do.” The whispered voice was telling Rachel lies about her parents to build up more and more rage every second. Unexpectedly, with all the rage Rachel had in her mind, she said, “Kill...kill…”
Rachel went downstairs to see if her mother and father were down there in the kitchen. No one seemed to be in there. Also, was no light under the door, so she knew they weren’t in there. She went into a drawer and took out a knife, she looked at it for a minute and had a thought. Rachel doesn’t go upstairs to kill her parents, instead she points the knife toward the middle of her forehead and stabs. If that wasn’t worse enough, Rachel fell face first, making the knife cut back into the top of her head. She lies there, and takes her final breath lying in her own blood with no soul.
The next morning, her parents looked everywhere for Rachel. Her body was never found, not even a fingerprint could be tracked.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Things Always Get Better

Things Always Get Better

The sun was shining bright in her eyes as she started to wake up. She knew exactly what day it was, and she wasn’t so nervous. She got out of bed and went to get ready. Got dressed, brushed her teeth, got her books ready, then went downstairs to meet her annoying mother. Her mother made her move around a lot because of her job, so that means lots of schools. Those were different than this one though. She usually started in September, first day of school. This time, she was starting in December which was a first. Her mother ALWAYS rushes to get to work, even if shes an hour early. “Let’s go, Courtney! I have to get to work early for the promotion!” “Just another one of these days.”
We arrived at school which took like 5 seconds. I said “bye” to my mom, but she was too busy talking on the phone. She never really cares about me getting to school on time, or being late. She only cares about getting to work. “I hope I never turn out like mom.” I think to myself. Some kids looked at me like I was some ghost that just got its life back or something. I gave them a disgust face and that made them look away. Two teachers outside started to let the students in. I chuckle to myself when everyone starts to go in all at once. “Hilarious right?” This girl says to me. “Yeah.” I reply laughing. “My name’s Courtney. You?” “I’m Chloe.”
I didn’t have a place to put all my stuff, but luckily Chloe shared her locker with me. Also, when we found our first class, I got to choose who I sit with. Obviously, I sat next to Chloe. But then the teacher got up and announced that they had a new student. I could already see what was going to happen. “Oh no.” I thought to myself. You know how in movies the teachers ALWAYS put the spotlight and pressure on the new student? That is the EXACT thing this teacher did with me.
She told me to come up to the front of the classroom. I could feel my nose tingling, signalling I was about to cry or something. I could feel my face turning beat red. “Come on Courtney! Pull yourself together!” I took a deep breath and said, “Hi, my name’s Courtney and um..I have a annoying mom.” The class was laughing so much, I guess they found it funny? I didn’t want to be so serious, so I started laughing, too. I’m just relieved that this went well and I didn’t make a fool of myself.
School eventually ended and I actually had fun on the first day of school. Well, first day of school for me. I got my things from Chloe’s locker and met up with her outside the school. My mom was still at work so I had to walk home, but I wasn’t alone. I had Chloe by my side. I was so happy to have a friend on my first day of school. That never really happened before!
I got to my house and Chloe had to leave ¾ of the way to head to her house. I walked up the stairs of my house to my room and started my homework. This homework is so easy.. Next thing I know, I’m already done the homework. So, I go downstairs and start to watch TV. I don’t really have a favorite show, I just watch whatever is on.
Mom got home an hour early today, she must've got the promotion. “So..?” Mom says. “So… what?” I reply questioning her. “How was school? Make any friends?” Obviously she was going to ask that Courtney. I think to myself. “It was actually great and I did make a new friend! Her name i-” “I have to take this call, gimme a second.” *Sigh* When mom says, “gimme a second” she really means leave her alone while she takes a call for work. I head back upstairs and go to sleep, I had too much fun today.
The next day of school came and I was more than excited, I was thrilled! Next thing I know, I’m already at school talking to Chloe. “Did you hear about basketball tryouts? You should go.” Chloe said punching my shoulder. “Um.. I’ve never played a sport, but I guess I can try?”
After school, I go to the Gym for the tryouts that are today and I see about 10 other girls shooting a ball around. The couch comes up to me and says, “So. You’re trying out, huh? We need a tall player.” I nodded my head and grabbed a ball to start shooting on my own. After a little bit, the couch blows his whistle and says to go to the right of the Gym on a blue line and start dribbling up and down the Gym. I will admit, I did mess up a few times, but overall I was pretty good! Coach tells us to do a few more things and then we start doing shots in the basket. I made a few, but not a lot like the other girls did. Coach called me over before I left after tryouts and said, “You did a great job, today. You have a high chance of getting on the team tomorrow.” At first when he was talking, I thought he was just trying to make me feel good, until he said I could make the team tomorrow.
I walked home with Chloe again and I told her everything that happened at the tryouts. I was starting to sound like the boys talking about football and stuff. Also, I’m pretty sure Chloe had no idea what I was talking about at some point, but I still rambled.
It was the next day and before I went to go in the girls’ locker room for Gym, it said the names of students who made the girls basketball team. I was reading all the names of everyone and right at the bottom it said my name! I was so happy, I told some of the people I have been now teammates with. After that day of school, I went to the Gym again and I saw my coach. I had just bought some basketball stuff so I can be prepared when needed. “Welcome back, Courtney.” Coach said with a nice smile. “Thanks, coach.” I replied
From there on, Chloe was at every game and sometimes even practices. I was so glad to have her as a friend!.She always cheered for me when I made a basket, when I got the ball from the other team, blocked someone trying to shoot, everything. My mom cheered me on, but other times she’ll look at me and I’ll look at her, and she would point at the phone. I knew what it meant and how important I was to her, and her job. So, I always allowed her to do what she had to do.
Basketball season ended, but then Chloe wanted to know the tactics about basketball, too. So next year, we’ll both do basketball together and have so much fun. Whenever I came home from playing basketball with Chloe, mom would be so much more relieved and happy. “Mom, why are you being so chill all of a sudden?” I ask when tapping her on the shoulder. “We don’t have to move anymore! So, no more new schools, no more getting new friends all the time, and no more stress!” My mom said doing jazz hands. I didn’t even want to know why we aren’t moving anymore and I don’t care! I finally get to make REAL friends and stay with them. I wasn’t ever the “new kid” after that at a new school, with new people, or anything.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scene VS. Summary

The author of my book uses scene by showing the main character, Ann, and her thoughts about the other characters (family, friends etc.) and her relationship with them. For an example, Ann and the relationship with her mother is like you have a friend that knows what you're saying and understands, but doesn't change. The author uses summary by including little moments that could mean something big later on in the story. For an example, in the beginning of the book, Ann and her mother are in the shopping mall trying to look for something for Ann that could actually fit her. Later on in the story, Ann loses weight and then goes back to the shopping mall where she then has all the memories about when she couldn't fit in anything, but not she can.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Story Teaser

The sun was shinning bright in her eyes as she started to wake up. She knew exactly what day it was. And she wasn't nervous. It was the first day of school, well not really. To the other kids, it has already been a month since the first day of school. She was just joining in on the middle school "new kid" pressure.